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Commander in Teeth Dental Lab, provides full service dental lab services throughout the United States.

Our top-notch dental restorations, exceptional customer service, and unwavering commitment to quality, makes us the most dependable full service dental lab in the U.S..

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IOS Case Ready

We excel at processing scans from all major manufacturers, including: iTero, Carestream, 3Shape, 3M, Sirona, and Medit.
Open STL file submissions can be submitted via email or our WeTransfer portal.


A full service dental lab, equipped with the expertise, depth of knowledge, and unwavering dedication to contribute to the success of your practice.

World-class customer service is our number one priority. We aim to anticipate rather than respond, creating a seamless experience for you. And if you do need help, our highly trained team of specialists are just an email or call away.
Our people are the best in the industry. Experienced in every type of restorative scenario and experts at integrating digital workflows, we have the capabilities and knowledge to make your next case a success.
Take the variability out of your lab work and schedule. With one of the most robust, efficient, and secure operations in the dental lab industry, you can count on Trident to deliver consistent quality results to your practice.
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II am absolutely blown away by the exceptional work that this dental lab is able to produce. Their framework for partials is truly a masterpiece and is designed to fit each patient perfectly without a single flaw.

C Donaldson DDS

Brooklyn, NY

 Simply put, Commander is an outstanding Lab that truly delivers on their promises.

B yong, D.M.D.

Arlington, VA

Their attention to detail and commitment to excellence truly sets them apart from other dental labs.

Comfort Dental

Atlanta, GA

The Best Solution, Every Time

Have you ever had to make a partial when an implant was the best solution?

Commander in Teeth firmly believes in ensuring the highest standard of care for every patient. As your ally, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional smiles and optimal restorative solutions in every scenario. Our advanced digital workflow and streamlined production capabilities enable us to provide top-notch restorations crafted from premium materials, all at price points that suit every individual’s budgetary considerations.

Our Partners Are Our Mission
Helping You Bring World-Class Dentistry To Your Patients

Commander in Teeth Dental Laboratories, situated in the vibrant city of Baltimore, is dedicated to crafting impeccable dental restorations and products. Our mission is to fuse cutting-edge technology with artistic finesse, consistently delivering natural-looking beauty and exceptional functionality.

Established in Baltimore in 1988, our dental lab was founded to empower dentists nationwide in providing superior restorations to their patients. Be it dental implants, dentures, crowns and bridges, or mouth guards, we assist dentists in surpassing expectations by achieving the perfect harmony between aesthetics and functionality.

Excellence in Customized Restorations

Located in the heart of Baltimore, a thriving hub of innovation, our lab remains at the forefront of the rapidly advancing dental technology landscape. To say our team keeps pace with the latest industry advancements would be an understatement.

With over three decades of experience, we’ve partnered with countless general dentists, orthodontists, pedodontists, endodontists, periodontists, prosthodontists, and oral surgeons, augmenting their practices with superior solutions. Collaborating with us means gaining an extended team dedicated to enhancing your practice offerings.

We offer a diverse array of options, catering to both straightforward and intricate cases. Coupled with our extensive industry tenure, we assure success regardless of your practice’s size.

Our adept team specializes in CAD/CAM design, ensuring precision and digital accuracy in customizing restorations. From implants to appliances and removable prosthetics, our comprehensive line of aesthetic dental lab solutions covers it all.

Fusing Innovation with Seamless Service

While our technology remains state-of-the-art, our commitment to unparalleled customer service mirrors our ethos from over three decades ago. Every dentist and practice we collaborate with receives the same level of attention and care. To facilitate seamless communication, we’ve developed a highly responsive online portal accessible anytime, anywhere.

As pioneers in dental technology, our CAD/CAM capabilities optimize the function, fit, and form of each restoration. We constantly update our knowledge base to provide the most lifelike and durable restorations. Utilizing advanced milling machines, CAD software, and digital impression systems, we elevate the fundamental principles of fit and form to benefit your practice.

Exceptional Restorations at Your Service

Whether your practice comprises a single professional or a team of 20, we’ve got your back. Beyond restorations, we provide strategic guidance to aid in your practice’s growth. Our adaptable team stands ready to answer queries and enhance your patients’ experience.

From preparation guides to RX forms, we offer comprehensive support for successful restorations. As our partner, you’ll gain access to online supply requests, shipping labels, and more through our members-only online portal.

Premier Dental Laboratory Services & Technology in Baltimore

Every action we take aims to optimize results, simplify treatment, and enhance lives. If you seek custom restorative products crafted from ADA-approved materials, reach out to us at 301-532-7851 or via email. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with you.